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A Place To Bring Babies Home

Juanita and her children had to flee from an abusive relationship. They returned to Roseburg from out of state. Women and children often escape domestic violence by relocating. Some of our neighbors leave Douglas County, some strangers or others, drawn by a connection, arrive here.

Juanita and her children moved into her parents’ home; however, they were experiencing their own difficulties. Because of the economy, both parents received pay cuts at work, causing them to default on their mortgage. The whole family then moved into a small apartment. Her parents got away with having their daughter and grandchildren in those cramped quarters for a while, but Juanita and her children had to move out because they exceeded the occupancy limitations of the apartment. A vital part of her personal safety net had broken. She had no other family, and friends were living in the area she just fled away from. Juanita had her two children and was expecting twins 6 weeks later. She had no place to go. How was she going to manage an eight-year-old, a five year-old and newborn twins, alone and homeless? She needed help and a home.

They arrived at the Mission’s Samaritan Inn for women and children the first part of October. She was upset about having to go to a shelter, but soon realized the accommodations were great. She said, “Here, I am surrounded by something uplifting that I didn’t have before. I feel happy again. I needed that. I place and a routine going again. I have everything I need and a chance to save money (Oregon TANF housing grant) to get our own place. I know that God has a plan to take care of my needs.” Then 1/10/11, Ryan and Scott were born.

In the photo, the babies are just 7 days old. Juanita said, “I’m not stressed. I’ve received the baby items that I needed. I don’t feel like I need anything, except more infant diapers!” Staff and volunteers have taken her to appointments and church, saving her from having to manage four kids on a bus. She has gone from an abusive relationship to healthy, nurturing ones.

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